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Our city map of amman jordan shows 9,187 km of streets and paths. Map of amman, jordan latitude, longitude, altitude elevation. From the kinetic chaos of the earthy downtown to the stately calm of the urbane western suburbs, amman is a multicultural city, home to jordanians of varying backgrounds. Travel guide to touristic destinations, museums and architecture in amman. The city of amman is built on a series of hills affording its residents spectacular vistas at every turn.

The refurbished vinaigrette boasts a spectacular view of amman. Click this icon on the map to see the satellite view, which will dive in deeper into the inner workings of amman. In the commercial heart of the city, ultramodern buildings, hotels, smart restaurants, art galleries and boutiques rub shoulders comfortably with traditional coffee shops. Hotels in the vicinity of the 5th circle include the four seasons, the sheraton amman hotel, the bristol signature hotel, and many others. The 5th circle, officially named prince faisal bin alhussein square, is a traffic circle in the heart of the hotel district in amman. Vinaigrette amman, jordan restaurants lonely planet. See what our menu of fresh ingredients and inspirational flavors can do to your appetite. Situated on the 7th floor of alqasr metro pole hotel, it has a panoramic view with a warm and slick decor.

Ammans modern history began in the late 19th century, when the ottomans resettled a colony of circassian emigrants in 1878. Situated on the 7th floor of alqasr metropole hotel, it has a panoramic view with a warm and slick decor. Culinary nuances famous cuisine, specialties, recipes and delicacies of amman, as well as the local kitchen habits and subtleties how do locals cook, serve and eat their meal. Youre at a crossroads as you know of its archeological wonders but youve got your apprehensions because you think the arab state might not be able to fulfill your lust for life. Embassy of the united states of america consular section. From the top of ammans citadel, the sandcolored vistas of houses, office. Also close to the 5th circle is the arab medical center hospital, one of the leading medical centers in jordan that serves. A vegetarians food guide to jordan vegetarian food in. The walls are fitted with natural wood creating a stylish contemporary lodge feeling, with decorative giant bamboo sticks dangling from the ceiling to generate warmth. If making for a salad dressing, this recipe makes 2 servings of 2 tbsp each, just double the nutritional value. Pottera, khadija darmamea, nasim barhamb, stephen nortcliffc adepartment of geography, school of human and environmental sciences, university of reading, whiteknights, p. Events in amman, restaurants promotions reserveout. The newly refurbished vinaigrette boasts a spectacular view of amman. Our dedicated sushi page will help you find the best sushi restaurants in amman.

But though it lacks the storied history and thrilling architectural tapestry of other regional capitals, theres plenty here to encourage you to linger awhile before making for petra, the dead sea or wadi rum. Best places for sushi, sushi nights, sushi buffets and allyoucaneat sushi in amman, jordan. As the great arab revolt progressed and the state of transjordan was established, emir abdullah ibn alhussein founder of the hashemite kingdom of jordan made amman his capital in 1921. As middle eastern cities go, amman is a relative youth, being mostly a creation of the 20th century. A beginners guide to amman youre a night owl, you prefer living the late to bed and late to rise mantra and youre considering a trip to jordan. Also vinaigrette has amazing sushi i could really recommend.

Best restaurants and cafe in amman recommended spots, where you can taste delicious courses and spend your time with your friends in a good atmosphere. To make reservations, please contact vinaigrette amman. If you wanted to walk them all, assuming you walked four kilometers an hour, eight hours a day, it would take you 287 days. We are at a time of mass production where people just buy food products without knowing anything about how they are made or where they come.

Over lunch, we spoke to chef mohammad about whats a regular meal in a jordanian home. Restaurants near vinaigrette, amman on tripadvisor. We also quizzed him on how often they eat mezze at home. As you would expect, arabic food is to the fore but there are plenty of places with european and international menus, as well as the usual international fastfood chains. Vinaigrette is the roof top restaurant of al qasr metropole hotel and has a nice view over the city. Jordan at a glance welcome to jordan tourism board home. Amman a group of volunteers on monday launched ammans unofficial transport map that seeks to make travelling in the citys public transportation system easier for residents and visitors. Situated in the heart of amman, the intercontinental jordan hotel enjoys its central location in ammans business and diplomatic area. Perspective is everything in amman, and its impossible to gain a full understanding of the city, or even jordan, without visiting both eastern and western amman. Local producers teach ammanites food preservation methods. The art of preservation food programme organised as part of amman design week adw. And, when you need to get home there are 17 bus and tram stops, and subway and railway stations in amman. Located on the top floor of the al qasr hotel, and in keeping with the. The most popular places to eat, buy and do stuff in amman, jordan as mentioned by the tip n tag community.

It covers an area of 15 square kilometres 6 sq mi in the heart of amman, with a population of 165,333 in 2015. If you wanted to walk them all, assuming you walked four kilometers an hour, eight hours. Find best restaurants promotions and events in amman, reserve a table now. For design lovers visiting amman, karim sawalhas body of work is a cheat sheet of the hippest places to eat and drink in the city. The 10 best restaurants near vinaigrette, amman tripadvisor. Box 227, reading rg6 6ns, uk b department of geography, university of jordan, amman, jordan. Vinaigrette home amman, jordan menu, prices, restaurant. Buffalo chicken grilled or fried chicken tossed in buffalo. Vinaigrette alqasr metropole hotel, amman, jordan 11190 rated 3.

Situated on the 7th floor, it has a panoramic view with a warm and slick decor. Amman is a city of hills, and any map of the place can only give half the story. The aim behind this effort is to present the citys public transport system in a readable, userfriendly format in order to facilitate and encourage its use by residents and visitors. He broke into a laugh, saying mezze is hardly an everyday meal for a. Help us improve the map this map is the result of a volunteer effort led by a group of residents and fans of amman. Embassy of the united states of america consular section amman, jordan. Amman travel guide what to do in amman rough guides. The map was launched by maan nasel together we reach, which is a national advocacy group calling for better organised and safer public transportation in the capital. Amman food preservation is one of the best ways to show the movement of heritage from the old times until now, said shermine sawalha, curator of mouneh.

Others say you visit jordan to experience jordanian food. Vinaigrette offers a continental menu of fine choices including steaks, seafood, frog legs and popular chicken dishes, as well as sushi. Mix all ingredients together and serve with seared ahi tuna steaks. Detailed and highresolution maps of amman, jordan for free download. Queen zein street po box 3501415 jabal amman amman 11180 jordan. Although distances may look small on paper, the reality is that traffic and people are funnelled along streets often laid on valley beds or clinging to the side of steep hills. Cuisine and specialties of amman for gourmets where to. Large amman maps for free download and print highresolution. Browse, discover and reserve the best restaurants anytime and from any device. The staff is very friendly who made our evening very succesfull. There is no shortage of places to eat out in amman. The ecofriendly architect spoke to us about jordans budding design scene, and gives visitors an insiders guide to his most popular venues. This luxury hotel in jordan is brilliantly positioned within walking distance of the old city centre and minutes away.

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