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Comic book values comic book price guide how to sell. Spiderman now had a black suit, the hulk was intelligent, and storm has a mohawk, etc. Find the value of the marvel comic marvel age volume 1. All portions of the grand comics database, except where noted otherwise, are ed by the gcd and are licensed under a creative commons attributionsharealike 4. There are also others which are completely new stories written for the new medium. Marvel pulled ahead of rival dc comics in 1972, during a time when the price and. You might find some comics from 1984 in discount bins at a comic shop, selling for a few dollars an issue. Find the value of the marvel comic marvel 1985 miniseries.

View market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans. Use our comic price guide articles to find out the value of your old comics or email us your list for a free online comic book appraisal. After these 20 issues, marvel continued the volume for another 18 graphic novels officially. This includes but is not necessarily limited to our database schema and data distribution format. Comics price guide was the first online price guide for comic books back in 1995. I love books, i tihnk there is no better entertainment then a good book. However, there are certain guidelines for grading and pricing books. The comic book price guide marvel comics 1986 1st edition happy anniversary. This checklist is an effort to list every marvel comic published between march 1974 and november 1975 that contains a series a stamp. Nam comic books 1986 series also called the nam show covers only. Comic book price guide i love comic book collection.

Build your golden age digital comics comics collection on dvd or get 500 gb of golden age digital comics on a prortable hard drive you can bring with you wherever you. Meanwhile, outside of the adventures of costumed adventurers, toby goodman is riding on the heels of. In addition, david anthony krafts comics interview publishes its first comic book titles it had been publishing the comics interview magazine since 1983. Slimmer than the 60s though the entire 70s are spread over 3 volumes, the book features many great 70s marvel tales amazing adventures 1, 11, 18. There are even some older books, dating back to the golden age, which simply arent coveted by many collectors. Sell your comic books how to get cold hard cash for your comic books and not get ripped off. They simply look up all the prices in the guide, usually blanketgrading their books as near mint minus 9. View market values for books, store your collection, and. The comic industry is in a very precarious position right now. We have values for any marvel, dc, image, idw, darkhorse, or dell comic book that is in your collection. Overstreet has defined a 10 point system that can classify most any comic book condition. They added mystery to the title after the first book, even though it was a. Every page is filled with allnew work from this cavalcade of comic book luminaries. Marvel, specifically, has created a separate mangaverse, and at one point, teamed up with del ray books to publish a shoujo manga called xmen.

Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them. In the course of this one issue emerge some of the most iconic characters. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands. Read more iron man comic book price guide another of the marvel age of comic book characters, iron man played in the superhero movies by robert downey jr. Established in 1992, four color comics has a great selection of vintage comic books, movie posters, trading cards, memorabilia, pulps, original comic art, toys, games and more. Marvel 1985 is a 6 issue miniseries, published from july to december 2008 the year is 1985. The random marvel comic book binge pack is a great way to collect a bunch of back issues. Inhumans marvel comic book price guide find out the value of key first appearances of major inhumans members and villains in our hot comic price guide. Marvel comics bronze age 197083 red sonja bronze age 197083 dc adventure comics bronze age. He has even gone to the point of creating a separate book breaking down all the fine details of grading. Im very disappointed to see so many socalled comic fans advocating illegally downloading comics.

For marvel comics, it was the decade when the number of x titles grew out of control, spiderman was entangled in the divisive clone saga. After 41 years as a publisher, charlton comics folds. List of cgc recognized newsstand variants rare comics. The largest online source for comic book pricing in the world. The minimum price is not a real reflection of market value. Like anything else, comic book value is very subjective. How to buy key comics for pennies on the dollar get our free comic book crash course where youll discover our. How to sell your comic books for the best price start here. Hero for hire 1 etc so black widow, inhumans, ghost rider, defenders, warlock, luke cage, dracula. The death of the classic storyline as a collectible. What sellers of comic books dont appreciate is that a comic book buyer.

Marvel comics introduced spidermans black costume in 1984 via. Marvel comic book price guide price list nm comic books. Every comic book has a area on the first page all the way at the bottom that lists information such as,issue number,print date,publisher etc. By pirating comics, not only are you breaking the law, b. Copper age comics are those published between 1984 and 1991, and on the timeline of comic book history, are bracketed between bronze age comics published before 1984 and modern age comics published after 1991. Users browsing for bronze age comics 1970 1983 in bronze age 197083 usually look at. Find the value of the marvel comic avengers volume 1.

They should be placed upright in boxes and stored in a dry area with moderate humidity. How much is my comic book collection worth,comic book values. That being said, it is worth mentioning that since most comic books from. A really wonderful series of marvel firsts this time for the early 1970s. Stan lee writes of marvels 35 years of comic book journeys.

Copper age comic books cgc comic book collectors chat boards. In celebration of marvels 80th anniversary, the greatest array of talent ever to be assembled between the covers of a single comic book have been gathered for this epic comic. A comic book price guide would be an excellent road map to have. Collecting the most valuable comic books of the 80s and 90s. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to the largest, most complete comic book price guide with well over 1,000,000 comics in our database. Within the industry, the beginning of copper age comics was marked by a large group of highprofile artists moving away from marvel and into privatelyowned companies. Names from the past, from the present, and even the future. Readers of this blog know how very interesting it is to find a comic book where cgc distinguishes newsstand copies from direct edition copies theres only a few special situations that cause them to break out newsstand comics separately for the vast majority of issues, newsstand and direct edition copies are simply lumped together by issue number. We should have probably called this schrodingers comic box and the comics can both exist and not exist at the same. Comic book price guides, like overstreet, have a minimum price for comic books.

Digital comics for sale on dvd or portable hard drive. See values for tmnt comics, 1st gambit, secret wars 8 and more. So, what are the best non marvel and dc books that you are or have read. Read our comic book price guide and have your comic books appraised free by us. In other words, it takes a dealer time to sort, bag, board and price any comic book. It also includes four issues from december 1975 which contained series a stamps. Free comic book valueslooking for the value of your comics. New comics newest cover scans story arcs genres creators characters. Starring the xmen, an allstar benefit book for african famine relief and recovery. Marvel comics has just finished its first big crossover secret wars and has had a big change in its status quo.

It doesnt matter if its a superman comic book,comic spiderman,x men comic or old title that nobody has heard of it can hold value,first you need to find out what type it is and age. Comic book value guide how to value your comics in 3 easy steps. How much are marvel comic books from the 1980s worth. Reasons would be good to, i would like to start reading some more indepth things. Some of the ones listed are novelizations of movies, others are adaptations of comic book stories. But i just hate comic books, not as immersing, and good in my opinion. I found about 25 in my attic, they are all still in the package.

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