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Free time share vacations with a price time share tours. Aug 06, 2019 my husband and i were almost scammed by bluegreen resorts. We can book your next vacation to over 120 international destinations. Apr 02, 2012 a column in forbes asks an interesting question, is it worth the free fastpasses to sit through a dvc sales presentation. This requirement is mentioned when you book your package, and typically the. The timeshare coach by carl garwood is winwin and timeshare developers worldwide would be wise to include the book with every new hire agent orientation materials. See, do and learn more at sea than you ever thought possible. I received a mailing the other day about one of those 90 minute timeshare presentations. Ive long had an idea based on the timeshare model for season subscriptions, where not only would you pitch it the same way, but the actual mechanics of what. We did have to go to a 90minute timeshare presentation we were out. The chief one being you might actually want to buy into disney vacation club after hearing about how great a deal it is. Hoover dam, red rock canyon, valley of fire, and death valley are all within easy daytrip distance. These complaints include having to pick up a welcome packet in fort lauderdale and sit though a timeshare pitch before boarding the ship which docks in palm.

For example, ultraluxury line, the yachts of seabourn, offers one free. Presentation horror stories and cheap vacation rentals by miles for family. Most of these letters will name a legitimate cruise ship line or trip, but when you take a closer look, theyre arranged by a thirdparty. Once the company has your credit card though, they can use it to charge other convenience fees, like daily gratuity or fuel surcharges. Has any actually taken a free cruise all things cruising. Everything thats promised to you as free suddenly has a cost. While some do require a little bit of work on your end, here are the 5. Top 7 timeshare vacation packages to book for 2020 by. The number to book directly with the cruise line and avoid the high pressure sales is 800 9953201. What to do if youre offered a free cruise miami herald. Not sure why but i find timeshare offers and stories really interesting and its definitely something i want to cover more. How to turn a timeshare pitch into a cheap vacation. How to beat a timeshare sales pitch home along the way. May 09, 2015 free travel offers that arent really free yes, that trip is free, and yes, buying into a timeshare could be a great opportunity to save money in a muchfrequented destination.

In this scam, the fraudster uses the offer of a free cruise to lure their victim into a lengthy, highpressure sales pitch for a timeshare. Im just wondering if the company is a scam or if it truly is a timeshare pitch for a trip. What they do is market a free cruise with time share presentations. How is it possible to use timeshare promotions for cheap travel. The rep didnt mention a timeshare pitch, but when i asked her, she said you did need to. We sat down in the lobby as directed, and just a few minutes later, mr. Sherrieann mayberry with the changing of the seasons, and temperatures dropping all over the country, travelers will soon be looking to plan out their spring and summer vacations. Here at staypromo, we negotiate these deals directly with the resorts for our customers to get the best savings and we travel thousands of households yearround on this exact type of stay. Do a quick search of the thirdparty company and you will see how legit they are spoiler. Members who book a vacation with rci cruise can now enjoy exclusive deals and savings on cruises, no restrictions on sailing dates, and the best rate guaranteed on every sailing. But the risks, rules and fine print of timeshare ownership could really cost you. Timeshare presentations have evolved over the years.

Set sail with a cruise timeshare sell my timeshare now. Before you commit to a timeshare presentation, read about my experience with a wellknown vacation club. From free cruises that turn out to be timeshare pitches to fake list prices, here are six cruise scams you should be ok the lookout for. We sit down, and karen starts breaking out a bunch of books. Im in the 90 minutes of pain for a 7 day cruise is worth it camp, while my dw would rather just write out a check. Free vacation cruise or hotel boats with causes charity. Bluegreen timeshare sales pitch tactics if you have attended or are planning to attend a bluegreen timeshare owner update, orientation meeting or have purchased a quick weekend at a deep discount with the understanding you will attend a sales pitch, then read this post. First let me explain a little bit about what a timeshare presentation is and how getting free. All global vacations where we create exciting vacations. If you get a call, heres what you should do miami herald. Stay far far away from this group as they are indeed a timeshare scam and want nothing more than to take your money. Despite numerous pleas for them to stop calling, it is incessant. Lauderdale, suffering through a timeshare pitch, and somehow getting yourself to palm beach, one hour away, to board your ship, adding significantly to the convenience and cost of your free cruise.

Attending a timeshare presentation is only worthwhile if the incentive is something you will love and use. Search free timeshares with timeshare nation, the largest online marketplace for free timeshares. However, the opportunity to cruise on carnival for five nights has arisen. Onboard royal caribbean international, visitors looking to sell, buy or rent a timeshare resale will experience firstatsea innovations that make our cruises unlike any other vacation, plus fitness. Timeshare presentation free cruise to good to be true. Knowing how the game works, i asked about incentives. Sep 25, 2010 okay, dh and i now have his parents timeshare week his father is deceased, and his mother is getting older thru this, we have a free cruise certificate. One last point on free cabins or berths many cruise lines offer a free fare for less than 16 people. Im in the 90 minutes of pain for a 7 day cruise is worth it camp, while my dw would rather just write out a. You could find it very hard to book a cruise on a date anywhere near where you want to go and when. Join the agv club free for 85% vacation and travel discounts. There are actually a number of legitimate ways where you can cruise for free. In order to experience the site fully, you will need to change your privacy settings or visit the website on a different device. Knowing this was a scam, we went with him to check it out.

We received a free carnival cruise when we bought our timeshare. Like the ones offered as incentive to do timeshare sales presentations. Attending a timeshare presentation for a free vacation good idea. He showed us the brochure of the places you could vacation in, like cabo, hawaii, catalina island, a cruise, etc. Bahamas free cruise fraud evelyn kanter ecoxplorer.

It included 7 days transportation by alamo economy carunltd. It was the most frustrating 4 hours ive ever spent, but we did get a free cruise for 2, as promised. Massanutten timeshare scam scam scam timeshare users. Free travel from timeshare presentations travel is free. Many of us have also heard about how highpressure timeshare salesman are. There are hundreds of stories by people ripped off by caribbean cruise lines on the website, which published an investigation on this free cruise scam in 2010. And your supposedly free vacation may require you to book a second guest at an inflated price.

It is because they want you to buy a timeshare and get you to come to a sales pitch. However for me timeshare means a free vacation or almost free. Get access to memberonly rates backed by the best price guaranteed. You may in fact get a lowcost cruise, but past passengers complain of belowpar. I am going to give you tips on how to score cheap vacations or free ones using. Ignite your students curiosity at microsoft store s free youthspark summer camps for ages six and up. What im gathering is that during the presentation they will pressure me like crazy to buy a timeshare which i absolutely will not and can not do, that the prizes are legit, and that theres got to be some catch that these arent completely free. Get an amazing deal when you buy, rent or sell a royal caribbean cruise timeshare resale.

Purchase a timeshare resale related to any of the above brands and clubs to save thousands on ownership and the opportunity to indulge in a timeshare cruise vacation. Im guessing it all depends on where you go and which timeshare group you. Under the ruse of coming in to pick out their accommodations, the lucky winner will be subjected to an hourslong timeshare presentation. Attending a timeshare presentation for a free vacation. However, my husband and i ended up there 5 and a half hours. Every year, thousands of consumers fall victim to free cruise schemes. If you get a call about a free cruise, here are some tips on how to avoid getting into trouble.

Some offers are designed just to get you to attend a sales pitch for a timeshare or an expensive and potentially problemprone vacation club. Diamond resorts international free gift is this a scam. This offer is not connected with any timeshare seminars or sales pitch of any kind. Apr 10, 2019 learn the best ways to survive and get the most out of timeshare presentations for free travel. They gave a great pitch and offered us comped meal, gambling money, show tix, etc. Participants learn the latest technology from microsoft while making new friends, completing creative projects, and gaining new skills that prepare them for the future. Learn more about our timeshare experience with free cruise for.

Again, it depends on your exchange company, but some timeshare exchange companies do not require you to bank your timeshare week or use points in order to book a cruise through them. She said that she represented caribbean cruise lines. I got the offer in the mail today while researching my next cruise. It does list a third party company who books the cruise i assume i cant post the name here and says that we may have to attend a seminar. If we attend, we supposedly get a free cruise for two on either carnival, rcl, or ncl, 7 nights, mexican riviera. The most popular timeshare tours are the orlando florida, or disney promotions, but we offer them all over the united states and mexico. Timeshare sellers are notorious for offering a new camera, a halfprice parasail ride, a free days rental car, a free hotel stay, a free gourmet mealyou name itto get you to attend a sales pitch. Grandview at las vegas las vegas, nv take in a fabulous show or see the sights along the strip. Buy, rent or sell royal caribbean cruise timeshare resales. Who doesnt want a twonight getaway to the bahamas on a cruise for free or at. They found they had to upgrade their room and pay more to book the free cruise.

In most cases, you must attend a 90minute sales pitch, and sometimes take a tour of the timeshare resort as well. The oneonone successful training guide for the first year of timeshare sales bruegger, rita on. It is impossible to book a reservation and upon sending multiple letters. Nov 19, 2019 legitimate cruise lines do not make free cruise offers. We walked into the vacation club office, located on the site of a major orlando resort, and were immediately greeted by friendly concierge staff. Needless to say we signed up for their sampler plan after not being. Who doesnt want a twonight getaway to the bahamas on a cruise. Bogus free bahamas cruise evelyn kanter ecoxplorer. Tradewinds cruise club timeshare resales for sale by owner. Before he met me, my significant other, colin, got a phone call from a timeshare sales company offering a vacation to florida and a bahamas cruise. Bluegreen vacations timeshare scam warning timeshare companies discussion forum. Sep 17, 20 today in the mail i got a postcard for a free royal caribbean cruise. Our biggest disappointment was when trying to book the cruise, i was told that they didnt honor the free 1a out of tampa, even though we were told several times that we could sail out of any port. With our timeshare tours you get free gifts and you save up to 85% for taking the simple 90120 minute presentation.

I am writing this in regard to my timeshare with massanutten. Lately people have shared stories with me about getting all kinds of free things including food or room and board. Or slow things down with a hot stone massage and duty free designer shopping. He said if we toured a resort about 2 hours away we would be given a free 2 night vacation. Technically, it is free, but really we are liable for port charges and taxes. You will soon be receiving a call to book your free bahamas cruise.

This seemingly simple sales pitch began a yearlong journey of. The free cruise scam is something of a legend among travelers, and unfortunately a siren song for the uninitiated. Has anyone ever taken a free 7 day cruise for attending a timeshare presentation. Below is a list of the top 7 timeshare vacation packages to book in 2020. Anyone tried to book a free carnival cruise certificate. They basically call you to say that you won a free cruise. Buy tradewinds cruise club timeshare resorts, tradewinds cruise club resales when looking for that vacation destination. Skiing in vermont summers at the beach fall in the mountains springtime in missouri you can. Some companies put limits on their deal dates, and may not book your visit during peak travel times. The plan was to get up friday morning, get drunk, be completely obnoxious and have fun with the crappy timeshare pitch and then party the rest of the weekend on their dime. We will keep updating this list as we get a chance for you to refer to.

As i was preparing to walk away, he invited me to a complimentary breakfast later in the week to learn more about timeshare opportunities. May 06, 2015 free travel from timeshare presentations. Timeshare exchange club membership will give you a discount toward a cruise even if you arent using a weekpoints toward the vacation. This thing is a big, glossy, folder with the carnival name and logo a. How to use timeshare pitches for travel but avoid buying. On my landline, on my cell phone, on my wifes cell phone, trying to get us to book our free vacation. I have to wonder what would happen if the people who won the free cruise said they didnt have the money to pay for the additional fees. Postcard for free royal caribbean cruise royal caribbean. Our current time share package in las vegas does give us the opportunity to cruise.

Jun 19, 2018 is the incentive something thats free like a cruise to the bahamas but you are responsible for your own taxes, fees, and surcharges, making that freebie a most expensive gift. This requirement is mentioned when you book your package, and typically the company offering the promotion explains exactly what is required of you. Bluegreen vacations timeshare scam warning timeshare. For a quick overview on how to search for and book your next vacation, check out this video. If you prefer to bypass the high pressure sales and outright buy the passage, you can do that as well, but you will pay a lot more for the trip and i just dont think its worth that much for two nights when you can get it for free. I went to one in charleston, was put in a nice hotel and given a free cruise as an incentive. How travel companies get away with free cruise schemes miami. We are very savvy when we plan our travel and do a lot of research before we book. We have never been on a cruise, and dont think we are the sort of people to like cruising. Cruise deals get cruise deals offers with any timeshare promotions or buy offer today.

If we sat through their timeshare presentation we would get two free cruise. The timeshare offered you and your family memories of a lifetime. My son has used the timeshare trading system for his last few cruises with friends. The free cruise the free cruise scam is something of a legend among travelers, and unfortunately a siren song for the uninitiated. So you going to drag your family on a pitch and teach your children how to deceive for free things every awesome trip you take with them or are you going to purchase and become an exclusive member of a lifetime of fun with your family. Companies that require you to sit through a timeshare presentation. It was for an inside cabin only but on a 7 day cruise. I decided to venture on my own to a hilton grand vacations timeshare presentation, and i will say it wasnt as painful as i thought.

We have quite a good package and we can stay at various resorts or sites for a fraction of the cost. We booked thursday night to sunday at the hilton with the timeshare pitch at 10 am on friday morning. One way, outside of the normal ways to get free nights, would be timeshare presentations. First let me explain a little bit about what a timeshare presentation is and how getting free stuff works. Sep 17, 2018 weve all wondered about timeshare from time to time. Attending a timeshare presentation for a free vacation good. How to survive and maximize timeshare presentations youtube. Your room will be either free or heavily discounted if you tour the property, which means a few hours of highpressure selling. The timeshare offer or promotion may include discount prices for your stay or free tickets to area attractions. Here are five ways people just like you have done it.

The gal told me that i have just won a free 3 day cruise to the bahamas, grand bahamas island. In exchange for the deal, you are required to attend a timeshare presentation. It always amazes me that so many people get suckered into buying this free cruise. Why go to a hotel when you can rent a tradewinds cruise club from. Top 7 timeshare vacation packages to book for 2020. The timeshare indoctrination begins after checking in, a man at the concierge desk gave me a few details about the property and nearby attractions. Rci cruise provides rci subscribing members access to thousands of cruise vacations on many of the leading cruise line. Turning a timeshare presentation into a cheap vacation. Thinking about attending a timeshare seminar to get a free cruise, hotel stay, or some other free gift. It was for 3 nights accommodations in south florida, round trip cruise aboard carnival or imperial majesty cruise lines to nassau and 2 nights in orlando. This is the article i wish someone had shown me before we sat through the sales pitch.

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